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Urban Trees

About this project

Living and working in Sheffield it’s impossible to ignore the recent controversy about the felling of many street trees.  A positive to come out of this public sadness and anger is a recognition and appreciation of the ‘ordinary’ street tree,  in residential areas and within the city centre.
By creating a series of urban tree leaf designs, focusing on their unique shapes, colours and characteristics, I’ve tried to rediscover and celebrate these trees with bold and striking representations.


design, printing, textiles, lino block printing, urban landscape, trees, interior design, cushions, lampshades


Design, Printing, Textiles


Cutting block for Common Lime
Photographer: Bfp
Printing 'Common Lime' design
Photographer: Bfp
Printing 'Common Lime' onto linen union for a cushion piece
'Oak' design block with test print
Photographer: Bfp

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Disciplines Textiles, Printing, Design
Materials Textiles