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Leather stitched bowls

About this project

As I turn most of my items from ‘green’ timber there is a chance that a piece may split as the timber releases its moisture. Often the drying process will just change the shape of a piece but when this change happens too rapidly splitting can happen. After spending time making a piece and especially when the item has turned out better than expected, it can be difficult to discard it. I ave seen others try repairs of many types but I seem to favour leather thong or copper wire stitching.


£50 — £200


Turning, repair, wood, bowls, leather


Wood, Leather working


Wood, Leather
Sweet Chestnut hollow form with leather staples
Photographer: A J Fortune
This piece was hollowed out from a branch section of Sweet Chestnut but split while drying out mainly because I used a piece of timber that included a section of pith (very centre of the branch) a notorious area of radial splits. After spending 5 hours making hte form it was difficult to discard it so I decided to enhance the split with leather thong staples.

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