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Edward Artisan Workwear Apron

About this project

The Edward Artisan Workwear Apron is our first collaboration with Cathy Edwards Leather and brings together our high quality apron design with Cathy’s handcrafted leatherwork to make great workwear.

Each apron is handmade to the owner’s specification of fabric, leather and buckles and eyelets. All our products come with our 10 year guarantee and we have a growing reputation with makers and crafters around the UK who use our aprons daily.


£150 — £280


workwear, aprons, pinafore, denim, artisan, cotton, leather, linen, wool, artisan workwear




Edward Leather & Denim Artisan Workwear Apron
Photographer: Heidi Marfitt Photography
Stitch Society denim apron enhanced with handmade leather straps finished with silver buckles and eyelets.
Edward artisan workwear apron strap detailing
Photographer: Heidi Marfitt Photography
Edward Artisan Workwear Apron, back detail
Photographer: Heidi Marfitt Photography

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