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About this project

My main collection is called Arthropod, named after the large group of animals containing crustaceans and insects. My jewellery celebrates these fantastic creatures, imagining them evolving onto and around the human body. I use traditional silversmithing techniques, forging silver over steel stakes into three dimensional forms. These are often articulated, and combined with handmade hinges and catches, to create lively, humorous pieces of wearable sculpture.


£100 — £1500


jewellery, unique, insect, arthropod


Jewellery, Silversmithing


Precious metal
I keep thinking its Tuesday
Photographer: Prodoto
Unique, articulated, neckpiece. Silver, copper, resin, natural pigments.
I think I'll just hang around here for a bit...
Photographer: Prodoto
Unique, articulated, neckpiece. Silver, gold, resin, natural pigments.
Arthropod necklet with crushed turquoise.
Photographer: Prodoto
Articulated silver arthropod with crushed turquoise and 18ct gold sting.