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Experiments Tests and Things

About this project

Various experiments for various projects and various projects not worthy of a full listing, but definately worthy of a mention.
Bracket fungus


£20 — £1001


experiments, tests, things


Wood, Traditional, Technology, Furniture, Design


Wood, Organic Material
wooden turned roller block printing
Photographer: tom philipson
printing using turned blocks which are treated to raise the grain, which replicates the patterns within the wood.
printing with wood to look like wood.
Photographer: tom philipson
printed with specially made blocks which can be rolled for a repeated pattern.
Photographer: tom philipson
my own special invention.. Hand printed business cards made from wood shavings.
Off-Grid Gallery lighting installation and Beracket fungus shelf
Photographer: simon athersmith
Last year I set up the Off-Grid Gallery in an abandoned mine at the top of a mountain in Cumbria. (secret location) (more details via twitter @off-gridgallery) Where I install works just to really freak people out when they stumble across them. More events and collaborations are currently being organised for later this year.
reversable Chopping Board Bowls.
Photographer: tom philipson
Hand turned. stackable. reversible. multifunctional. Stackable, interchangeable, for function or display.

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Sculptures and structures from wood shavings

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood

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Bamboo product tests for Japan Residency/research trip

Disciplines Basketry, Ceramics, Pottery, Design, Furniture, Printing, Traditional, Wood
Materials Ceramics, Wood, Mixed Media