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Fake Articulation series.

About this project

Table project centred around solid timber legs which appear to be articulated.
Timber for the legs is chosen to carefully follow the natural trejectory of the design. These legs are then hand shaped and then the Knuckle sections are also hand carved before being painted, This process gives structural strength to the peices whilst at the same time making them appear to be fragile. ideas for the project derived from conserving faux bamboo Georgian furniture.


£300 — £2800


sculptural, handmade, animalistic, naturalistic, carving


Design, Furniture, Traditional, Wood


Insect-I-Side Table detail 2014
Photographer: tom philipson
This Image shows the gilded hand carved knuckle sections to the legs, and the turned reclaimed Ebony sting.
Spider Table 2013
Photographer: tom philipson
Sycamore spider inspired table with hand carved knuckle sections to the legs painted in black enamel.
Insect-I-Side Table 2014
Photographer: tom philipson
Made from the finest cuts of stable grained English Yew from the Lake District. Created to resemble the insect form whilst still providing function as a table.
Space Landing Table 2014
Photographer: tom philipson
Space Craft inspired table in Sycamore and English Oak, With single piece fake articulated legs with hand carved articulation points.
Tripod Table 2013
Photographer: kirsty garland
English Sycamore with enamel painted carved knuckle sections. 2013.

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Materials Ceramics, Wood, Mixed Media

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