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Mixed Media

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About this project

For this body of work I have been influenced from organic shapes that I find both in nature and in things that surround me. Thereafter I try to distort the shapes interested to me and furthermore manipulate the materials in a way that texture, pattern and colour would work together harmoniously. Employing parallel practices within my work enables me to obtain a diverse artefact.


£20 — £450


textile jewellery, mixed media, necklace, handmade, upcycled textiles, upcycled materials, leatherworking, textile techniques




Mixed Media
Mixed Media-White Necklace, 2014
Photographer: vicky saragouda
wool yarn, cotton yarn, russet leather, laminated acrylic made of recycled textiles, sterling silver, silver wire, cardboard and thread.
Mixed Media-Vintage Lace Necklace, 2014
Photographer: vicky saragouda
wool yarn, cotton yarn, vegetable tanned leather, copper, found objects, vintage lace, silver wire and thread.
Mixed Media-Pink Necklace, 2014
Photographer: vicky saragouda
cotton yarn, cardboard, vegetable tanned leather, upcycled vintage pearls, vintage button and thread.

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