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Nuno base camp dress

About this project

A private commission create a fabric and dress for the wearer who had climbed from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp,






Laying out the design using hand dyed silks and superfine merino wool
Photographer: Maker
Capturing the strong colours on the mountain and meditation
One of three very light weight Nuno fabric lengths
Photographer: Artist
The client requested the story of the walk to be illustrated from hem to collar
The unique Nuno fabric was constructed as a shift dress, full brimmed hat and silk laces were also part of the commission
Photographer: Artist
Vivienne's Nuno felt uses two layers of silk and one of wool, creating a very soft wearable drape, like a second skin that clings to the body
Finally a wrap was added for cool evening wear as part of the commission to carry the dress from day to evening
Photographer: Artist
Replicating a pattern in Nuno felt, calculating the wool shrinkage with free hand silk images is definitely tricky and took several days construction and hand felting
This hand blended deep colour made this soft fedora sit well within this narrative felt wear
Photographer: Artist
Felting and hand blending this merino before shrinking by nearly 50% yet holding the soft draw before complete fulling