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Remnant Works

About this project

A collaboration with arts-based researcher and ceramicist, Emma Bowen to explore the relationship between our making practices and circular design thinking.  This first project sees off-cut fabrics from Sabine Lettman’s otherways[project] garments combined with wild-clay, processed and fired at Moor Green Allotments, Birmingham.  Having fulfilled an artistic purpose, the work will be placed back into the environment to observe the ‘end of life’ stage of a circular design process.


circular economy, sustainable, end of life, ceramicpatchwork, collaboration, wild-fired, wild clay, wildclay, stitched


Ceramics, Pottery, Textiles


Ceramics, Mixed Media, Textiles
Wild Clay ceramic
Photographer: Zoë Hillyard
Photographer: Zoë Hillyard
Wild-fired wild-clay ceramic
Photographer: Emma Bowen
Wild ceramic patchwork
Photographer: Zoë Hillyard
End of life
Photographer: Zoë Hillyard

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Disciplines Textiles, Ceramics, Pottery
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Disciplines Textiles, Ceramics, Pottery
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