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Kiltpin and Cufflink Commissions

Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Traditional
Materials Precious metal

#AngelsROCK (created for the HOMAGE charity fashion show in aid of Alzeimers UK)

Disciplines Silversmithing, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Traditional
Materials Precious metal

Crumpled 2

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal

The Bog Oak Cufflink Box

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Jewellery, Wood
Materials Wood

Black - June 2016

Disciplines Jewellery, Textiles
Materials Textiles, Metal

Algerian Loveknot

Disciplines Silversmithing
Materials Precious metal

Diamond Curve Collection

Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Stone working, Traditional
Materials Precious metal, Gems

The Macassar Jewel

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood

The Walnut Jewel

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood

The Rosewood Jewel

Disciplines Furniture, Design
Materials Wood

Acorn Jewellery Collection

Disciplines Jewellery, Wood
Materials Wood, Organic Material, Precious metal

Rustic Wedding Collection

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood, Metal