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Freestanding panels

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass, Wood

Curved 'tealight' panels

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Oriental Luminescence

Disciplines Glass, Design, Technology
Materials Glass

Pyramid series

Disciplines Design, Paper, Textiles
Materials Glass, Mixed Media, Paper, Metal


Disciplines Glass, Printing
Materials Glass, Textiles, Wood

'Diamonds In The Rough'

Disciplines Mosaic, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass, Design
Materials Ceramics, Glass

"Spirit of Creativity" 2001

Disciplines Design, Glass
Materials Glass

"Justice" 2007

Disciplines Glass, Lettering
Materials Glass

Light Matrix

Disciplines Glass, Metal work
Materials Metal, Glass

Forest Floor Wall Panels

Disciplines Design, Metal work, Glass
Materials Metal, Wood, Glass

Rising sun trio

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass, Metal


Disciplines Glass, Design
Materials Glass