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Surface design for interior designer

Disciplines Design
Materials Mixed Media


Disciplines Furniture, Design
Materials Wood

London Townhouse Wall Art

Disciplines Textiles, Design, Conceptual
Materials Textiles


Disciplines Printing, Textiles, Conceptual, Design
Materials Textiles

Architectural and Interior

Disciplines Glass, Design
Materials Glass

Black Keys Hand-Printed Wallpaper

Disciplines Paper, Printing, Design, Textiles
Materials Paper

Squaring the Circle Jewellery Box

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood

Centaurus Voile & Vulpecula Wallpaper

Disciplines Paper, Textiles, Design, Printing
Materials Textiles, Paper


Disciplines Textiles, Printing, Technology, Conceptual, Design
Materials Textiles


Disciplines Wood, Furniture, Design
Materials Wood