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Latex Alien

Disciplines Textiles, Toys and Instruments
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

Metameric: Colour as Fiction

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass


Disciplines Design, Jewellery, Metal work
Materials Mixed Media, Metal

Glass Casting book by Amy Whittingham

Disciplines Books, Book binding, Glass
Materials Glass

Lacewing Verto Necklace

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Metal, Mixed Media

Cheddar - the yellow alien

Disciplines Textiles, Toys and Instruments
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

In Conversation

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Book '30 Years in the Making'

Disciplines Printing, Paper, Design
Materials Paper

Who Said Broken

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics, Organic Material

Saloukee Home

Disciplines Jewellery, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Organic Material, Textiles

Price-ous Air I (2016)

Disciplines Conceptual, Jewellery, Technology
Materials Plastics, Metal, Mixed Media

Price-ous Air II (2017)

Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Technology
Materials Plastics, Metal