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"Woodland Walk"

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles, Organic Material, Mixed Media

Allen's Pond bench seat

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood

Orbital table

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Glass, Wood
Materials Glass, Wood

Episcopal kit

Disciplines Design, Wood, Silversmithing, Technology, Leather working
Materials Leather, Wood, Precious metal


Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Jewellery, Metal work, Silversmithing
Materials Metal, Organic Material, Paper, Plastics, Recycled, Precious metal, Wood


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Metal work, Stone working, Traditional, Wood
Materials Wood, Stone, Recycled, Mixed Media, Metal

Callow door stop

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Stone working, Leather working, Wood, Traditional
Materials Leather, Stone, Wood

Mission Settle

Disciplines Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood, Textiles

'Foal' Dining table

Disciplines Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood

Oxfordshire Bedroom

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media

Oak Revolving Chest

Disciplines Wood, Design, Furniture
Materials Wood, Glass, Metal