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Book '30 Years in the Making'

Disciplines Printing, Paper, Design
Materials Paper

'Made Modern Again' Cabinets and Chest of Drawers

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Mixed Media

TCJE 2016 - An Artist's Power

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Metal work, Stone working
Materials Gems, Metal, Stone, Textiles

Reflection and story-telling - 2

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Mixed Media, Organic Material, Metal, Recycled

Textile Sculptures: Jumper Series

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media, Recycled

Stellar Wine Glasses

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Price-ous Air I (2016)

Disciplines Conceptual, Jewellery, Technology
Materials Plastics, Metal, Mixed Media

Eclipse Collection

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal

Inspired by the house dress, wrap aprons and lichen.

Disciplines Textiles, Design, Paper
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media, Organic Material

'Travelling' Buddha Characters

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Paper

Spray Bowl Collection

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics