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Crafts Council

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  • Four Colour Ways, Keith Harrison, 2014. Gouache, coloured paper, tippex and pencil on cardboard. Image courtesy of the artist
  • Meanings and Attachments held at Piastów Shopping Mall, Legnica, Poland, Mah Rana. Photo: Paulina Skurzynska
  • After the Fact, Catherine Bertola, 2006. Found dust and sound. Image courtesy the artist, Workplace Gallery and Galerie M+R Fricke
  • Is It Madness. Is It Beauty, Clare Twomey, 2010. Clay and performance. Courtesy of the artist and ROTOR – Siobhan Davies Studios. Photo: MJ Kelly
  • Photosynthonium, Owl Project, 2014. Logs and electronics. Installation Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, Ealing. Image courtesy of Owl Projects and Pitzhanger Manor Gallery
  • Tree and Scooters Collage, Richard William Wheater, 2013. Paper. Image courtesy of the artist