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Are you export ready? Bristol

Credit: Tas Kyprianou 2014

Part of a new series of Crafts Council half-day workshops

Our export workshop will allow craft makers new to or considering export to make informed choices abut this step in their business development.

The workshop will introduce:

  • Researching international markets – where to look; what to look for; identifying and navigating the globe
  • Analysing the market & planning – how do you know it’s the right market for you & the right time for you?
  • Routes into markets: understanding the various approaches & types of opportunities available
  • Sources of information & support available – who are the various bodies, what do they do & how might they help.

The session will include presentations by makers already working internationally, as well as information from relevant bodies such as the British Council, UKTI, and individual dealers and curators. Tea and coffee will be available at the start of the workshop.


Welcome & Introduction - Sara Brouwer & Barbara Gunter-Jones

2.15 – 3.15pm
The Why, What & Where to working internationally: Barbara Gunter-Jones

WHY: exploring the drivers and prompts that are making you consider exporting your work.

WHAT: defining what it is you want to export

WHERE: different types of markets and shows that are available

- break -

3.15 – 4.15pm
The How to working internationally: Chris Knight & Liz Clay

Chris Knight, International Trade Advisor at UKTI South West
Chris will cover the work of UKTI and the various resources and services available.

Liz Clay, textile maker
Liz will share her experiences of working internationally.

4.15 – 4.30pm
Questions & discussion