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Make:Shift:Do at Makespace Cambridge

Installation Required

Ever wanted to control a video game with a bit of cardboard or a piece of fruit? Ditch the keyboard and gamepad and use a Makey Makey to do just that in Installation Required, a creative custom controller construction workshop. Use household goods, basic circuitry, and a computer to create new and exciting ways of playing old games. We'll introduce you to the basics of using a Makey Makey and some of its creative potential.

No previous knowledge needed - bring any bits of tech you want and a laptop if you can.

The workshop and Makey Makey encourage people to explore everyday materials such as food and cardboard and think about them in a different way.  By making the everyday environment into a playable space, craft is used to create new interfaces and games, often a group activity.  The game context is also a place to learn about re-purposing and upcycling everyday materials and a gentle intro to how materials work with the body in conductive technology such as touchscreens.

Make:Shift:Do is a nationwide programme of craft and innovation workshops taking place on 27 and 28 October 2017