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Young People’s Programme at MozFest

Aged 16 – 25 and interested in craft and making?

Team up wth batch.works to deliver a 3D printing workshop as part of Mozfest, the festival of the open internet. Attend a planning meeting at the Crafts Council on 26 October, 6-8pm, and then volunteer with batch.works to deliver the workshop on 28 October at MozFest, Ravensbourne College, Greenwich, London.
Come along if you love to make, if you would like to gain event planning and delivery experience, or if you are just keen to find out more— all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome!

Make:Shift:Do will be taking place Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October 2017. Make:Shift:Do is the Crafts Council’s annual festival of new making and a celebration of craft innovation.

As part of Make:Shift:Do we will be hosting workshops at MozFest - the world's leading festival for the open Internet movement – on 28th October at Ravensbourne College in Greenwich, London.

What is the workshop about?

We will be working with 3D printing lab batch.works. Visitors to MozFest will create a ‘micro-factory of the future’ exploring auto-print 3D printers and the future of open source communities of making.

With you as their guide and a set of instructions, visitors will set up their 3D printer for auto-printing and start printing their very own batch.works pen.

What will I do?

You will be involved in the planning and facilitating of the workshops, including having an active role in the planning meeting, helping to set up equipment and delivering the workshop on the day.
During the workshop, you will be assigned to a 3D Printer and teach participants how to set it up, troubleshoot problems and print a pen.
Take part in discussion after the session about the implications of the open-source nature of the internet.

What do I get from it?

  • Experience of planning and delivering workshops in innovative making in partnership with a national charity at an internationally known festival (i.e. it’s great for your CV!)
  • Learn how to set up and use a 3D printer.
  • We will cover your travel costs and provide lunch.
  • Free entry for the whole of Saturday at MozFest, retailing between £10-40.
  • A £10 etsy voucher to say thank you.


  • Attend a meeting from 6-8pm on Thursday 26th October at the Crafts Council office in Angel for planning and testing of the workshops before MozFest.
  • A minimum commitment of four hours at Mozfest on 28 October between 10am-5pm, including the facilitation of a workshop.

What is Mozfest?

The world's leading festival for the open Internet movement. MozFest is a diverse, highly interactive event with something for everyone, filled with participant-led sessions that generally run between 30 to 90 minutes. You’ll find interactive spaces where participants can learn something new or engage in some hands-on making or experimentation; small group breakout discussions where bright minds debate the most pressing issues facing the Internet today; and ongoing, informative displays where attendees can explore ideas at their own speed.

Why get involved in the Crafts Council's Young People's Programme?

  • Take part in creative workshops and meet and collaborate with professionals working in the craft and creative industries
  • Join a network of young people passionate about craft and making
  • Be involved in shaping our young people’s programme; work alongside staff and makers to co-produce programmes for other young people
  • Access opportunities, training and advice (including Arts Award)
  • Learn new skills and develop your CV

Can’t make it this time?

To find out more about our young people's programme and to be kept informed of all upcoming events, workshops and opportunities for young people, please email participation@craftscouncil.org.uk