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Building Arts Programme


This 9 month programme of tuition and practical experience is aimed at students and practitioners whose discipline informs our built environment, including those with a focus on architecture, the building crafts and the decorative or applied arts.

At the heart of this programme is the idea that our built environment is a collaboration between a vast array of different discipline areas which are all fundamentally linked and interrelated. This holistic view of the world around us, looks to demonstrates the significant role that design, building arts, decorative and traditional crafts can play in creating places and spaces of both value and meaning. Current practice, both educationally and vocationally, is to separate and teach these principles independently – this programme will look to provide a space for rediscovering shared learning and practice, enabling students to explore the multifaceted nature of the built environment and their role within it.

On completion of the programme graduates will be in a position to approach their practice in a manner which is both better informed and multidisciplinary, working with others to create a built environment which is more than just the sum of its parts.

Entry Requirements: There are no set requirements for entry into this programme, as these will vary by discipline. However, this is not an entry level training course and therefore we would expect applicants to show a good level of proficiency in their individual area of practice, as well as demonstrating a desire and interest to broaden their understanding of the built environment, building arts, traditional craft, decorative and applied arts.

Typical student backgrounds may include (Please note this list is not exhaustive) • Architecture; Design, Geometry, Structures • Building Crafts; Woodwork, Stonemasonry, Plasterwork, Blacksmithing, Thatching, Brickwork • Traditional Crafts, Decorative and Applied Arts; Glasswork, Ceramics, Painting, Carving, Metal Work, Sculpture, Textiles.

Location: Dumfries House Estate in Scotland plus placements with master craftspeople across the UK

Start Date: February 2020 (duration 9 months, full time)

Cost and Funding: Students will be awarded a full scholarship covering the course fees and provided with a monthly bursary of £1,400.

How to Apply

To apply please download the Course Overview and the Application : https://princes-foundation.org/building-arts-programme 

Deadline for applications is Monday 4th November 2019, 12pm.

Send your applications and accompanying portfolio to; By email to michael.goodger@princes-foundation.org or by post (recommend recorded delivery) to Prince’s Foundation, c/o Michael Goodger, Dumfries House, Cumnock, East Ayrshire Scotland, KA18 2NJ 

Interviews will take place at the Dumfries House Estate, Cumnock, Scotland, KA18 2NJ on either Tuesday 26th November or Wednesday 27th November 2019. 

For more information please contact Michael Goodger, michael.goodger@princes-foundation.org / +44(0)1290 425 230