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Crafts Council

Alveston Fine Arts

Collect 2020, Stand W8, West Wing

Alveston Fine Arts was set up in 2016 to promote talented British and Irish artists. It looks for artists who bring something unique to their craft, who strive to change how we look at conventional artforms by using materials in imaginative ways. They all bring fresh methods and ideas to their work.

It is with great pride that Alveston Fine Arts will be showing a body of work by Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes, winners of the British Ceramic Biennial 2019. They were the first artists the gallery showed in 2016 in Portobello Market, displayed alongside the antique ceramics of Alveston's sister company.

Also showing will be award-winning Irish ceramicist Grainne Watts with her Bindu and Vortex series, and two newly graduated artists Simon Kidd and Ji Huang, who, each in their own unique way, use their cultural heritage in their work.

Vicky Lindo and William Brookes, Birth, Marriage and Death Vase, Dead Dad Diary, 2019 (BCB 2019), Slipware, H 60cm, Jenny Harper Photography