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Crafts Council


 Established in 2003, ARTCOURT Gallery has a museum-scale gallery space that can accommodate large installations to produce dynamic exhibitions.

It promotes the front line of the Japanese art world to domestic and international clients, by participating in prominent international art fairs. The gallery represents artists in the conceptual and fine-art fields, handling thought-provoking artworks which celebrate Japan’s unique craft approach. The audience encounters the quality that ARTCOURT Metavoid 24, Yo Akiyama, 2013. Represented at COLLECT by ARTCOURT Gallery. Photo: Seiji Toyonaga

Genta Ishizuka works in urushi, also known as Japanese lacquer, as commonly seen applied on tableware. Ishizuka took this traditional technique and elevated it to a contemporary art. His unique vision has brought a completely new look to the tradition and history of urushi. His forms are organic yet still. The colour is complex, encouraging you to gaze at it.