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Crafts Council


bruntnell-astley.com is an online gallery specialising in representing some of the very best contemporary glass artists.

In recent years it has also conducted a series of pop-up exhibitions that have met with considerable public success. It plans that Collect 17 be the start of a new chapter in its evolution.

Four of a Kind, Professor Keith Cummings, 2016. Glass, p√Ęte de verre and metals, L c.17-20 cm. Photo: Simon Bruntnell


 “I have been working with glass for almost 50 years, but of course both the material and I have changed during this time. The Zen philosopher states that it is impossible to stand on the bank of the same river twice, as both observer and river will be different – and any attempt by me to make sense of my long relationship with glass must reflect this. My influences are, like my works, an eclectic mix, drawn from a fascination with arms and armour, ancient machines, natural form, and landscape. Increasingly I find that I am returning to the latter, bringing me back to where I began” — Professor Keith Cummings