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Crafts Council

Galerie Kuzebauch

Collect 2019 exhibitor

Galerie Kuzebauch was established in 2012 in Prague.

It focuses on the presentation of exceptional examples of studio glass made by both young and established artists, designers and craftworkers, and attempts to break the rules on how we perceive art, design and craft today. Hundreds of small glass workshops across the Czech Republic enable creators to experiment with various glass materials and techniques in a hands-on environment. The gallery then facilitates those creators to gain recognition across disciplines and continents, with contemporary art glass playing the main role. Close co-operation with curator Petr Nový from the Glass Museum ensures the quality of artists represented, such as Petr Stanický, Vladimíra Klumpar, Vladimír Kopecký and Martin Janecký.

Klára Horáčková White Shoots, Evolution Series, 2018 Glass 12 x 12 x 41 cm Photo: Tomáš Slavík Guide price: £5,600 each / £10,600 pair