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Crafts Council


Guilded specialises in innovative British artists and studios who draw on traditions of craftsmanship, combine and experiment with materials and develop unique processes to create innovative work spanning the fine and decorative arts.

Founded in 2010 Guilded has attracted an international following who value the distinctive eye of its founder, Charlotte Bowater. Showing in the UK for the first time, Guilded introduces four makers new to Collect.

Engaging a collaborative approach, Anita Carnell (Crafts Council Hothouse Programme), Kari Furre, Joel Parkes and Tom Palmer present a practical and conceptual response to the narrative of ‘Transfiguration’. While their chosen materials are transformed through process to an elevated and spiritual state, they also seek to promote transfiguration in the state of mind of visitors through an engaging display.

Kari Furre, Gurnard Bowl, 2017, Oil-tanned fish leather and brass, D 20cm, Photo: David Cleveland