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Crafts Council

House of Fly

House of Fly is a new gallery that aims to shine the light on budding creators and artists as well as established hidden gems onto the UK market. 

With a keen eye for design and unusual pieces we hold a space for these gifted creators to come together in the richest way possible, where mediums cross borders and creativity spills over to enrich the lives of people who encounter us. 

The love and passion we infuse in our choice of artists combined with an enthusiasm, a drive and a strong belief in what we do gives the artists represented at House of Fly wings to fly…

Our travels abroad enable us to encounter so many artists in further disciplines that are also hungry to see their work exhibited all over the world and we want to be their first port of call. 

We will only curate artists whose work we fall in love with. Why else would we represent someone if we don’t believe in them whole heartedly?

It’s a gallery built on passion, love, determination and a call to the soul.

The art pieces in House of Fly be they jewellery, ceramics, wood or stone creations will touch the lives and hearts of people who discover them and enhance their worlds.

We believe that House of Fly will bring a new dimension of arts and crafts to the Collect Fair and we would be honoured to participate in it as it’s been a long held dream for years now and it’s time to bring it to life.