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Crafts Council

Savoir-faire des Takumi

Collect 2020, Stand S4, South Wing

Savoir-faire des Takumi is a series of collaborative projects among 20 contemporary craftspeople from Kyoto and Paris. It started in 2018 when 10 French and 10 Japanese artists selected from both cities formed pairs and visited the ateliers of their counterparts, learning foreign techniques and ways of thinking through hands-on workshops and discussions. The concepts of their creations were derived from the understanding of their own cultural individuality.

Takumi is a Japanese word referring to highly skilled artisans, and savoir-faire is a French word integrating the characteristics that 'takumi' would have: ingenuity, technique and creativity. There is a distinctive beauty in the process of their creations. Savoir-faire des Takumi is an endeavour to develop new realms of art through the interactive dialogue of craftsmanship and sensibility nurtured both in Japan and France.

Keikou Nishimura, Dialogue, 2019, Keyaki wood, natural urushi lacquer, iron, 90 x 30 x 40cm, Guide price £6,800, Photo Mitsuyuki Nakajima