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  • Punch Hammer, Acts of Care, Linda Brothwell. Part of the Build Your Own Exhibition. Photo: Mark Campbell

Build Your Own

An exhibition exploring new ways of working, sharing and collaborating

Build Your Own is at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery from 3 October 2015 to 3 January 2016.

New times call for new skills but the old ones have an important role too. Build Your Own explores how digital technologies can come together with traditional processes of production and what democratisation of tools will mean for the future. 

Build Your Own features four newly commissioned projects by Will Shannon and Assemble, Linda Brothwell, Rachel Rayns and Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and DoES Liverpool and e-NABLE and an inclusive public programme.

Artist Will Shannon and architecture collective Assemble’s new commission Homework explores living spaces as platforms for experimentation, production and learning. Homework transformed an ordinary house into a series of workshop spaces for domestic making. Community concrete casting workshops were held in the backyard of 48 Cairns Street in Liverpool in the run up to Build Your Own at FACT earlier in the year, with the casting workstation itself installed in the exhibtion.

For Acts of Care: The Lost Letters of Liverpool Linda Brothwell restored missing letters in iconic building signs with a new handcrafted alphabet, featuring hand-pierced brass scrollwork that combined traditional English and Polish Wycinanki designs. The techniques and processes created an act of care in the public space of Liverpool, a positive symbol of the diversity of the city. For The Norwich Edition Brothwell Brothwell proposes a new Act of Care which is inspired by the dyeing and textile heritage of the city and its numerous medieval doorways. Her proposed intervention will be executed in coloured wooden inlay – a juxtaposition of technique (dyeing) with material (wood). 

The project Neurotic Machines by Rachel Rayns developed with the Raspberry Pi Foundation shows us how a Raspberry Pi greenhouse can work as an alternative gardening system.Through Neurotic Machines Rayns encourages people of all ages to learn more about both the process of growing plants as well as computer programming.  A purpose-built garden is installed in the gallery, teaching us how computing can be used in unexpected, creative and rewarding contexts.

DoESLiverpool, a co-working space in the heart of Liverpool and the newly-formed Norwich Hackspace present an iteration of the open-source project e-NABLE, a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to make prosthetic hands. Inspired by a local family who used DoESLiverpool's workshop to print hand parts, DoES has installed a ‘production line’ for prosthetic hands. 


Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing at FACT. Photo: Brian Slater

Build Your Own is a partnership exhibition with FACT in association with Norfolk Museums and co-curated by curator and cultural programme director Lauren Parker and Clare Cumberlidge of Thirteen Ways.

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