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  • Craft Club Cinema Knit Along, Stratford East Picture House. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Craft Club

Championing craft learning!

Craft Club is a national campaign that champions craft groups in schools, galleries, libraries and anywhere else you can bring people together to share craft skills. We will help you to find a local Craft Club to join, or to set up a Craft Club yourself!  Our newsletter and social media accounts provide inspiration through activity ideas, unique tutorials and competitions, as well as celebrating and promoting your Craft Club creations. Craft Club started in 2009 with support from UK Hand Knitting Association  and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes  and is about making, creating and sharing your skills.

We believe that everyone, but especially children and young people deserve access to a full range of fun and rewarding craft projects as a part of their cultural learning, and we help the hundreds of existing Craft Clubs across the UK by offering advice, resources, events and inspiration to get them making.

Find a Craft Club!

As of January 2018 we're taking down the Crafty Map for a bit of a revamp. You can use our regional listings below to find a Craft Club, or use the form at the bottom of this page to register your own. The listings are updated every two weeks. Alternatively you can share details of your club in our Craft Club Facebook Group

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South East
West Midlands
East Midlands 
North West
North East

If your craft club is listed above and you've noticed an error or are no longer running, feel free to email us and let us know

How do I start a Craft Club?

As long as you are enthusiastic and organised, starting a Craft Club can be simple. You’ll need to find a venue and a few willing volunteers. Think about how often you would like to meet and what time would suit most people.

Register your new Craft Club through the form below to receive our quarterly newsletter which is full of ideas, challenges and competitions for your new club, and start spreading the word about your club to attract new members.  

To add your craft club to the crafty map, email participation@craftscouncil.org.uk.

Join the Community

Join the online Craft Club community and receive fun updates by following Craft Club on Twitter and liking the Craft Club Facebook page! We'll also provide more activity ideas through our Pinterest account and Youtube accounts. You can also join our Facebook Group to share ideas with fellow Craft Clubbers!

Safety First

Our wonderful national network of Craft Clubs are organised independently from Crafts Council and as such we do not hold responsibility for the content or location of meetings.
Please take the usual steps to look after your personal safety when attending somewhere new: tell a friend or relative where you are going, and if you feel uncomfortable let someone know.
Clubs that are held at a primary or secondary school are for children attending that school only. Please contact the club leader prior to arrange for your child to attend.
If you are a Craft Club leader and would like advice on safeguarding, please get in touch. Alternatively there's an in depth resource available free on Know How Non Profit.

Craft Club Annual Survey

To fill in this year’s Craft Club Survey click here.


Chromatography Tutorial

We recently partnered with the British Science Association  and Sarah Fennell to create a tutorial that combines science and craft! Check our their Branches Page to see if you can partner up with a local science club to make your bags.

This Knitted Life

The short film below, ‘This Knitted Life’ was created from hand-knitted contributions by Craft Clubbers and gives just a taste of what the Crafts Clubs have been making!

Craft Club Mini Documentary

Join us!

Please fill in this form to join Craft Club, and for your club to be listed online