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Craft in Industry: Unlocking Potential

A new set of cards that illustrate how craft skills are integral to product development.

The selected case studies showcase how craft skills, products and professionals contribute to other industries. They tell the story of nine businesses, each representing one of the many disciplines within:

  • manufacturing (1882 Ltd, Benchmark, Harris Tweed)
  • technology (Unmade, Vanessa Cutler/OMAX, Smile Plastics) and
  • other creative industries (Phoebe English, Cod Steaks, Bentley Motors)

where craft mindsets are applied to add economic, cultural and social value.

Click on the icon in the centre of the cards to scroll through.

We see craft skills applied in such diverse fields as engineering, technology, architecture, fashion and design. ‘Fusion’ – the combination of creative, technological and enterprise mindsets – is a key driver for success.

Craft skills generate £3.4bn in industries across the UK economy. Yet makers tell us there are barriers to achieving greater success with their businesses. Without targeted support to assist craft businesses to grow, the UK economy will miss an opportunity.

The Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper has the potential to improve support to craft businesses if it can embrace the specific needs of micro businesses and sole traders. The Creative Industries Sector Deal is one route to reflect this support.

To unlock the full potential of craft skills in industry, businesses need:

  • access to investment towards facilities and equipment,
  • skills support,
  • improved regulation for freelancers,
  • structured opportunities to collaborate, and
  • business mentoring for scaling up and exporting.

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