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  • Crafting Narrative at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, Ealing (London). 10 September to 19 October 2014. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Crafting Narrative

Exploring how makers and designers are using objects and making to tell stories

Crafting Narrative: Storytelling through objects and making has been renamed as Twelve Tall Tales. If you are interested in visiting or hiring this exhibition, please visit Twelve Tall Tales.

Curated by Onkar Kular, the exhibition explores how contemporary designers and makers use objects to tell stories.

The exhibition looks at practitioners who challenge and investigate the narrative potential of objects and making to convey and reflect on themes as diverse as history, culture, society and technology.

Featuring works by Åbäke, AugerLoizeau with Alan Murray, Carl Clerkin, Martino Gamper, El Ultimo Grito, Zhenhan Hao, Hilda Hellström, Hefin Jones, Onkar Kular, Noam Toran and Dawn Youll with new commissions by Cecilie Gravesen and Dash Macdonald.


Broom, 2013, Carl Clerkin. Photo: Gallery S O London