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  • Brooch, Adam Paxton, 1998. Crafts Council Collection: J268. Photo: Nick Moss

How to Borrow


As one of the leading contemporary British craft collections in the UK, the Crafts Council is committed to making its Collections publicly accessible through loans to museums and galleries and related organisations, partnership projects, touring exhibitions and support of educational projects and through the Craft Council's collections website. 

Short-term loans
The initial period of loan is less than one year with the potential for renewal.

Long-term loans
The initial period of loan is three years with the potential for renewal. 

Out of the Box
Out of the Box encourages long-term loans of objects acquired over 15 years ago. In 2016 objects made before 2001 are available for loan. The initial period of loan is five years with the potential for renewal.

We are always happy to discuss informal loan enquiries by phone or email.

Once you have decided which type of loan you would like, please send a full proposal outlining the exhibition and why you would like to borrow the requested objects along with the following forms:

Curate with Us
If you would like to borrow a number of pieces from our Collection to form the basis of an exhibition we can help you.

Our Exhibitions and Collections team is able to help support the development of exhibitions and display by offering consultation on object choice, display and interpretation in order to ensure maximum impact of your exhibition.

To find out more please email collection@craftscouncil.org.uk

Approval process, next steps and costs

Decision process
The Crafts Council aims to respond to all loan requests within twenty working days.

The decision is based on a number of factors including the availability and condition of the object/s and the suitability of the exhibiting environment, security and staffing.

Next steps
Once a request has been approved the Collections team will prepare a Loan Agreement specifying the environmental requirements, packing and display needs, insurance values, and credit line and reproduction rights. 

The Collections team then work with the borrower to organise packing, transport, insurance, couriers, installation and maintenance of the objects, any subsequent touring exhibitions and eventual return to the Crafts Council. 

There is no loan fee attached to borrowing from the Collection but the borrower is responsible for all costs associated with the loan. 

The Collections team will work with the borrower to keep those costs to a minimum.