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Innovation through Craft: Opportunities for Growth

Driving innovation through craft

Our latest report points to evidence that the UK is at risk of failing to take advantage of its expertise in craft. Innovation through Craft: Opportunities for Growth, describes the way in which collaboration drives innovation and how we can make the most of its economic potential. Working with partners the Knowledge Transfer Network and the University of Brighton, the Crafts Council commissioned KPMG to investigate the processes and economic impact of innovation through craft.

Report authors, KPMG, say that ‘Craft skills and knowledge have a strong economic impact and significant potential to drive further growth and innovation in other sectors, as this report demonstrates.’ 

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Innovation Through Craft: Opportunities for Growth pg.1


Innovation Through Craft: Opportunities for Growth pg.2

Looking at the wider application of craft skills in the automotive, healthcare, construction and textiles industries, the report describes the benefits of cross sector innovation and collaboration.  The evidence in the report, in our exciting graphic and in our new innovation cards demonstrate how the fusion of craft and technology skills can lead to significant rewards to companies further down the supply chain.

Our new set of innovation cards showcase individuals and companies who are driving innovation through craft. Here is Sarat Babu  - also a case study in the report.  


Sarat Babu Innovation Card

Julia Bennett, our Head of Research and Policy has blogged about the report and skills fusion for Nesta, microbusinesses and entrepreneurship for the RSA.

RSA, and the importance of creative education for Directional Thinking.

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