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  • Canyon Falls ii, Joseph Harrington

Nature Lab

A Future Made showcase at Design Miami/ Basel from 14 - 19 June 2016

Nature Lab at Design Miami/ Basel was an immersive experience telling the story of nature transformed by six British craft talents. 

It was first showcase within the A Future Made partnership programme between the Crafts Council, The New Craftsmen, Craft Scotland and Ruthin Craft Centre aimed at raising the profile of British craft via international design fairs.

Nature Lab stand at Design Miami Basel 2016, photo: courtesy of Design Miami Basel

Nature Lab showed in Design Curio, a new exhibition platform for Design Miami/ Basel 2016. Each maker developed radical new techniques to create objects of wonder using substances like wood, sand, salt, clay, flowers and ice.

The six makers in Nature Lab were Eleanor Lakelin; Emily Gardiner; Jochen Holz; Joseph Harrington; Marcin Rusak; and Marlène Huissoud. In Nature Lab, wild and encroaching nature is transmuted by skilled hands and ingenious minds into elemental objects that emerge from the darkness to conjure wonder and intrigue. 

A laboratory of nature presented what looked like insect glass, flower fossils and ice caught at the moment of melting. The laboratory included;

  • Marlène Huissoud who manipulates bee resin using traditional Venetian, glassblowing and engraving methods to create an unexpected material with glass-like translucence
  • Marcin Rusak who suspends flowers in black resin to create a material that captures the ephemerality, beauty and subtlety of the natural world.
  • Emily Gardiner whose sculptural ceramics radiate with life force as organic forms unfurl or push wildly from their encasements.  

Nature Lab is the first showcase within A Future Made – a two-year international programme funded by Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales supported by the GREAT Britain campaign.

The selection panel for makers in both showcases in 2016 were Mark EleyMax FraserCatherine LockAmbra MeddaJonathan ReedBeverley Rider and Annie Warburton.

Nature Lab Makers

A Future Made

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