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Real to Reel

Presenting both objects and films made by makers

Each is an artwork in its own right, and is concerned with craft and design: thematically, technically or materially. Digital and traditional film offer unique possibilities of expression; the ability to capture creation and destruction, as well as material and time-based transformations. 

The tools and materials available to makers have expanded exponentially in the last ten years, most commonly in response to digital developments. This expansion is reflected in making practices that engage with a portfolio of approaches to production. This trend has seen a broader engagement with film, both as means to document process, and in the case of the works presented here, as an approach to making works in its self. The films in Real to Reel  exemplify this movement, and represent the very best examples of makers and designers whose output is both three dimensional, working with materials such as clay, textile, glass, and film based.

Film offers makers unique possibilities of expression. It can capture transformations; material, time-based and otherwise, it can present singular and multiple narratives, it can enable the representation of the temporal and performative, and it can take a micro or macro view. In Real to Reel  the films are grouped into three thematic sections – material narratives, performative making and animated craft – each immersing us in new environments and providing a different experience of craft.

Makers: Adam Buick, Alida Sayer, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Becky Sloan, Carolina Melis, Carrie Fertig, Charlotte Blacker, David Cushway, Jim Le Fevre, Jon Mills, Katharine Morling, Kathleen Rogers, Marloes ten Bhömer, Naomi Filmer, Natalia Dias, Neil Brownswood, Patricia Niemann, Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren.