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Session 3: Tools

Friday 21 November

Main Space

Panel Discussion 3 — 10.00-11.45

Session host

  • Daniel Charny, Professor of Design at Kingston University and honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Co-founder of Fixperts and curator the Power of Making, 2011


Session Questions:

  • How are the contexts of craft and making being extended by new materials and processes? What are current working examples of this?
  • How are these new materials extending the craft sector and shifting the way it engages with the world? What are examples of this?
  • How are makers developing and appropriating new materials? What does this mean for the sector?
  • How is this driving innovation within the craft sector, opening up opportunities for collaboration, revealing new processes and how are the results of this innovation redefining the meaning of craft and extending the boundaries of the sector?

Space 2


The Robotic Handmade 10.15-10.45

  • Grant Gibson - Editor of Crafts Magazine, formerly editor of Blueprint, deputy editor of FX, and acting executive editor of the RIBA Journal.
  • Gareth Neal - Gareth Neal has a unique approach to design, through material inventiveness, curiosity, and reinterpretation; he has helped to shape a new era within the context of design and craft.

​The Internet of Things 10.45-11.15

  • Gerard Briscoe - specialises in interdisciplinary research at the fringe of the computing sciences with the arts and humanities, business research, the social sciences and the natural sciences. A researcher at Queen Mary University London, and visiting fellow at the Glasgow School of Art and Heriot-Watt University.
  • Tom Metcalfe
  • Molly Price

The Digital Traditional 11.15-11.45

  • Michael Eden - Michael Eden is a maker whose work sits at the intersection of craft, design and art, exploring contemporary themes through the redesign of historical, culturally familiar objects utilising digital manufacturing and materials
  • Annabelle Campbell - Head of Exhibitions and Collections, Crafts Council