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  • Iris (detail), Tom Gallant, 2012. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

The Yellow Wallpaper

An exhibition inspired by gothic novella The Yellow Wallpaper

Inspired by Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 novella The Yellow Wallpaper,  artist Tom Gallant has selected quotes from this story to introduce examples of furniture, photography, animation and digital art.

The Yellow Wallpaper  takes us on a journey into the world of storytelling and imagery that has influenced his practice and the making of Dress 09. Made by Gallant in collaboration with fashion designer Marios Schwab, Dress 09 was acquired for the Crafts Council Collection in 2011. 

The Yellow Wallpaper was developed from the Crafts Council online exhibition of the same name.

Tom Gallant’s practice as a contemporary artist is concerned with the western world’s continuing fascination with the industry of pornography, collector culture and the visual representations of our society. His interests in Victorian decorative craft, printmaking and traditional Asian techniques of Kirigami conjoin in his works in which highly intricate and beautiful shapes are cut by hand. The delicacy of Gallant’s work simultaneously obscures and reveals the objectified, resulting in a dramatic visual experience.

Gallant has shown internationally and his work is included in a substantial number of private collections all over the world. Recent exhibitions include Craft at, Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London and Kalliphilia at Vegas Gallery, London.

Dress09, Tom Gallant & Marios Schwab, 2008. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian