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  • Mosaic work, Carrie Reichardt. Photo William Scothern

Meet Craftivist Carrie Reichardt

By Sara Khan

Carrie Reichardt. Photo William Scothern

We have searched far and wide to find some of the most interesting and hidden craft makers in the UK. From footwear designers to craftivists and more; we will take you behind the scenes to experience a day in their lives as part of our new series What’s Your Craft.

Today we launch Episode 1 with craftivist and mosaic artist Carrie Reichardt. She is best known as a ceramicist and mosaicist who works on large-scale public murals.

Carrie Reichardt has spoken publicly about the use of art and passionately believes that craft can be used to open up dialogue about sensitive issues. She has used skills as a vehicle for her own political activism, most notably her campaigning for prisoners on Death Row and her involvement with the fight to gain justice for the Angola 3. Carrie also feels that by using her creativity, she has been able to improve her own well-being whilst helping make art accessible to all.

She creates anarchic artworks where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by re-firing with layers of new ceramic decals. They are modified in a "radical use of traditional things" and often adorned with skulls, cheeky slogans and political statements.

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