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Gizella K Warburton

Artist maker

Market Harborough, Leicestershire


drawn marks, stitched cloth, vessel forms


£300 — £3000


My work responds to linear and surface detail that emerges through cast light and shadow, reflecting landscape and human resonance within it. Abstract compositions evolve through the tactile and contemplative process of drawing with paper, cloth and thread. Layering and mark making are intrinsic to my practice: shadowed, scratched, stained, scarred, pierced, wrapped and stitched.
Textile and mixed media pieces include works on slate and weathered wood grounds, and sculptural forms and vessels.


Contemporary Applied Arts - Present & Collect

16 Nov 2017
New vessel forms 'Ossius ii' and 'Ossius iii' feature in this seasonal selling show, Present & Collect - everyday treasures and exceptional objects.

Contemporary Applied Arts - Meet the Maker event

17 Aug 2017
New Member Showcase -16 August - 9 September The gallery exhibition will feature a selection of diverse and cross-disciplinary work from makers. Meet the Maker event - 3-5pm, Thursday 17 August

Browngrotta Arts - 'Still Crazy....30 Years in Art'

22 Apr 2017
30th Anniversary exhibition, 'Art in the Barn: Still Crazy After All These Years' in Wilton, Connecticut. More than 80 artists from Europe, Asia, North and South America and the UK will participate, presenting wall works, art textiles and sculptures.

Available for commissions



'ossius' vessel series

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

'morphus' series

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

'creel' series

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles, Organic Material, Wood

'Corpus' vessel series

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media

'Cylo' vessel series

Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

'Ritual form' series

Materials Mixed Media, Paper, Textiles, Wood