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PenJones Photography

Inner Finn Ceramics


Northwich, Cheshire


tactile, refined, forms


£10 — £350


My work explores the tension of opposites between control and chance, between soft form and hard materials and between fleeting movement and stillness. I enjoy walking the line between sculpture and function, sometime combining the two in a desire to create objects that want to be touched, loved, and used.  I make tactile, refined and uniquely decorated slip cast porcelain vessels. I seek to capture quietness and offer a moment of stillness amongst the bustle and constant noise of modern living.


Ceramic Wales

13 Jul 2018
Julie is one of 50 potters exhibiting at the School or Creative Arts, Wrexham 13-th 15th July. The show also has demonstrations, talks, have a go areas and Made in Wales, a showcase of work by Madoline and Walter Keeler and Terry and Bev Bell-Hughes

Earth and Fire International Ceramics Fair

22 Jun 2018
Julie will be showcasing her work alongside potters from across the UK and mainland Europe, at one of the country's premier ceramic events. The event takes place at the Harley Gallery, Welbeck Estate, North Nottinghamshire from 22 - 24th June.

Into the Sea

08 Jun 2018
The Into the Sea showcase in MOSTYN's retail gallery brings together artists, makers and printmakers who draw inspiration from the coastal landscape. Coinciding with the Visit Wales 'Year of the Sea' theme for 2018, presents unique hand crafted items

Available for commissions


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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
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Vessel Collection

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
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