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Jilly Edwards

Tapestry weaver

Bristol, City of Bristol


colour, texture, passion


£100 — £15000


My tapestry is primarily based on journeys whether long haul or local. As I travel, I sketch/ photograph and collect oddments of ephemera, to take back to my studio to work with, collating thoughts of how my travels will influence my ideas.

I have become intrigued by glimpses and moments, trying to capture the elements of my travels using abstracted elements that are influenced by the landscape, not literally but purely in the colour, texture, marks and memories.


Collect Open

21 Feb 2018
Makers Breking New Frontiers in Craft selected by Jay Osgerby. a chance to step outside the confines of the usual practice and experiment with new approaches My work is a year in a life told in a tapestry. a 13 segmented piece

Joy - Yellow is the new Blue exhibition

03 Feb 2018
Exhibition of Joy - Yellow is the new blue. Woven tapestries inspired by glimpses & memories of journeys, whether on train journeys or a trip to the local cafe. The work is about the surface, its depth its construction, the quiet & spaces inbetween.


27 Sep 2017
JOY - Yellow is the new Blue is housed inside a screen printed bespoke box is a 200 page publication examining Jilly Edwards' relationship with the colour yellow. Along with the exposed bound book comes a flip book, and enamel pin badge & a book mark

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Joy - Yellow is the new blue at Ruthin Craft Centre

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