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Ruth Singer

Textile artist

Leicester, Leicestershire


Heritage, narrative, stitch


£50 — £3500


Having started my professional life in museums, I find myself drawn to creating work with a narrative, often based around objects, history, people and places.
I work mainly with textile, often old cloth or simple natural materials, and favour traditional hand techniques of appliqué, quilting and embroidery, used in contemporary ways.

I often work collaboratively with other artists and makers as well as installations in response to historical materials in archives and museums.


Criminal Quilts exhibitions

18 Apr 2018
Ruth Singer's innovative art and heritage project Criminal Quilts will be shown in a number of venues in 2018-19. The show launches at the Festival of Quilts 9-12 August, then to Brewhouse Burton and Wolverhampton University.

Emotional Repair exhibition

18 Apr 2018
This solo exhibition, created in partnership with Gawthorpe Textiles Collection, is now open at National Trust Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire, until 24th June. Events include a symposium on Makers In Museum.

Precious Objects at London Craft Week

18 Apr 2018
My Precious Objects collection will be part of Design Nation’s showcase Head, Hand and Heart during London Craft Week 9-12 May 2018. These pieces celebrate hand making and tool making through turning former functional tools into objets d'art.


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Emotional Repair

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual, Printing
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

Fragments exhibition

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Criminal Quilts

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles

Precious Objects

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media

Narrative Threads Solo Exhibition

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

Genetics Residency

Disciplines Conceptual
Materials Glass, Textiles, Mixed Media, Paper

Garment Ghosts

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles

Harefield Hospital Centenary Quilt Commission

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional
Materials Textiles

The Beauty of Stains

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles