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Adrian McCurdy

Furniture maker and Wood Carver

Jedburgh, Roxburghshire


handmade, furniture, carved


Adrian McCurdy is an established furniture maker and woodworker in the Scottish Borders. The diversity of work reflects an interests in fundamental craft approaches and creative exploration. Emphasis is very much upon the hand-made and unique shapes to cleft-oak timber.

Recent carved panels have become a re-visiting of picture making, combining shapes and forms on single width boards. These are wooden sculpted reliefs in shallow depth for wall hanging.


Scottish Furniture Makers Show 2018

16 Nov 2018
A selection of Scottish makers displaying furniture and artwork in room settings. Held at Customs House in Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6LH. Fri 16th - Sun 25th Nov.

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Carved Panels

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media

Cleft Chest

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Wood
Materials Wood, Metal

Mixed wood Chair

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Wood
Materials Wood