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Bad Dog Designs Nixie Clocks Ltd

Nixie Clock Creator

Cannock, Staffordshire


reuse, Create, Innovate


£495 — £6500


I basically take old and unwanted bits of vintage electrical equipment and then convert them into original and unusual clocks, all using Nixie tubes as the display medium. I specialise in Steampunk detailing but quite happy to make Deco / Industrial / contemporary designs as requested.


Artisan on BBC1's Money for Nothing

01 Sep 2019
Delighted to have been asked to be a featured maker on Money For Nothing. I joined in Series 6 and have gone on to film for series 7,8,9 Lots of interesting items salvaged and turned into Nixie clocks!

2016 Arts and Craft design award Winner

04 Jan 2017
Delighted to have been awarded the 2nd place Merit Award in the International Arts and Craft Design awards 2016. 219 Nominated participants from 45 different nations.

Available for commissions


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