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photo Ian Marshall

Emma Jo Webster

Artist Tapestry Weaver

GLASGOW, Lanarkshire


Colour, Abstract, portraiture


£400 — £8000


Well known for her Colourful Abstract Painterly Tapestries and her handwoven portraiure (which are mainly woven to commission).
The abstract pieces are inspired from tiny ink and gouache paintings, Emma Jo loves the way the colour pools and blooms and recreates that in her weavings. More recently she has used coloured magicians rope as the core element, the warp and soul of the tapestry. Leaving the warp exposed - giving the illusion that colour is seeping from the tapestry itself.


Cordis Tapestry Prize Exhibition

16 Mar 2019
The worlds biggest tapestry prize exhibition is being held at Inverleith House Edinburgh from 16th March until 27th may 2019. The show comprises of 17 tapestries by 16 artists - beautifully curated in an amazing setting within the Botanic gardens.

Available for commissions


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Colour Abstracts

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