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Gabriele Koch

Ceramic artist

London, Greater London


individual, handbuilt, ceramic


I am concentrating on simple forms, integrating balance and tension, stillness and movement, expansion and the containment of volume. All pieces are hand built and some are burnished to achieve a tactile surface. Some pots incorporate texture. The distinctive patterning is achieved in a secondary smoke firing.

Recent work sees a shift from low fired earthenware to high fired stoneware, combining rough black clay with white porcelain, creating strong graphic designs in contrasting colours.


Gabriele Koch - Why Change?

01 Mar 2013
This article written by Tony Birks for Ceramics Art and Perception, Issue 91, explores the background to change in direction.

Gabriele Koch Hand building and smoke firing

01 Nov 2009
Tony Birks collaborates here with the potter herself, to produce a book which documents over a quarter of a century of pot making, demonstrating what he himself calls the “continuous slow and purposeful development” which makes her process so unique.

Available for commissions