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Jeni Ross

Tapestry artist and maker

Farnham, Surrey


colour, design, tapestry


Jeni Ross designs and makes woven tapestries, and designs tufted rugs and wall hangings. Her strong colourful designs bring warmth, texture and content to both homes and public buildings. Influences come from many sources; fine art, performance, literature.

Her designs use layers, contrasts and cycles; earth and air, night and day, negative and positive. These are interpreted using qualities of theatre; colour and illumination, the interplay of planes and textures.


New College Tapestries

19 Mar 2015
The suite of six tapestries designed and woven by Jeni Ross for the Founder's Library, New College, Oxford, will be installed in the College in April 2015. The tapestries were first exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford in 2012.

Available for commissions



"Dance to the Music of Time"

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Three Commissions for Norwich Castle Museum

Disciplines Textiles, Glass
Materials Textiles, Glass

Current Work

Disciplines Textiles, Design, Books, Book binding
Materials Textiles, Paper, Mixed Media