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Jill Ford Ceramics


York, Yorkshire, East Riding


ceramics, porcelain


£120 — £450


Simple statement vessels thrown on the wheel creating tall Standing Forms, large wide open bowls and shallow dishes. Porcelain is chosen for it’s inherent characteristics of smoothness, whiteness, translucency and it’s appearance of delicate fragility that belies great strength. Decoration focuses on texture with masses of pierced and bored holes inspired by barnacle shells.
Porcelain wall pieces depict woodlands, coastal stretches and abstract themes in rich textural detail.


Art in Clay 2020 Online show

26 Jun 2020
The Art in Clay show is now online until 31st Aug. Hundreds of potters showing up to 10 pots that are unique to the show. Mine are from the Barnacle shell range and new Moon jars. Thrown porcelain with satin white, pewter and new crater glazes.

Moon Jars - a new departure

26 Jul 2016
Inspired by Korean Moon jars, 2 large semispheres of porcelain are thrown on the wheel then carefully joined, making a full round form. Decorated with subtle milky white or black glaze and new textural crater glazes that bubble and crackle.

Life at the Wheel

16 Jan 2016
Article profiling my work in my rural studio pottery

Available for commissions


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Moon Jars

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Porcelain wall pieces made for Art in Action

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics