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Shannon Tofts

Karolina Baines Jewellery

Jewellery Designer, Maker & Enameller

Edinburgh, Midlothian


Jewellery, enamelling, etching


£150 — £2500


Karolina’s work often takes its inspiration from the overlooked details, patterns and textures that embody the character of a place. Reflecting a view of jewellery as sculptures that move with us, she seeks to impart a sense of movement into her work using etching and folding techniques to create strategically placed lines, suggesting rhythm and change of direction.


Winners of 2016 Scottish Craft Awards announced

25 Mar 2016
'Key players from Scotland’s crafts, art and design industry gathered in Dundee ... for the inaugural Inches Carr Scottish Craft Awards to celebrate new and innovative work being produced by graduates of Scotland’s art and design colleges.'

Designer Jewellers Group Interview

29 Nov 2015
DJG member Shelby Fitzpatrick interviews new designer Karolina Baines about her jewellery.

Karolina Baines. Edinburgh College of Art. New Graduates 2015

23 Jun 2015
'Touch is a fundamental but undervalued dimension of human interaction. It gives weight to a person’s sense of identity and reality. Continuity of touch with overlooked surfaces acts to prompt socially acceptable behaviour in many situations...'

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Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Metal, Textiles

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Disciplines Jewellery
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