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Kinsley Byrne

Artist and Designer

Falmouth, Cornwall


furniture, sculpture, design


My work explores the making of furniture and symbolic artifacts through direct carving in wood.
Developing ideas relating to science and philosophy, with a metaphorical connection to existence and the human journey. Balancing beauty and simplicity, this creative practice allows for a greater framework to express ideas and emotions, away from the constraints of traditional joinery.

Available for commissions


This maker has tagged themselves with


Venus stool

Disciplines Design, Wood, Furniture, Metal work
Materials Wood, Metal

Golden bough

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Metal work, Wood
Materials Wood, Precious metal

Obo Vessel

Disciplines Design, Wood
Materials Wood

Carved Vessels and Objects

Disciplines Design
Materials Wood

Ori Table

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood, Metal

Omo stool

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood

Sonin Vessel

Disciplines Wood, Conceptual, Design
Materials Wood

Torus Console

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood, Organic Material

Reformation Vessels

Disciplines Conceptual, Wood
Materials Wood

Giant Chair

Disciplines Wood, Furniture
Materials Wood